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ConstructionOnline 2020 First Look: Meet the Newly Enhanced Redline 2.0

OCT 10, 2019
HubSpot Video

Join us for a special series highlighting the exciting new features coming for ConstructionOnline 2020. This session will cover the new Redline 2.0, which has been redesigned to help you manage your plans and projects even better than before. New features we’ll be discussing include:

  • Smart Upload Sequence - new step-by-step upload process ensures your sheets are accurately numbered, named and tagged
  • Callout Auto-Linking - new automatic callout scanning and linking tool will save you hours of tedious searching per set
  • Filter by Version Set & Tags - find the sheets you’re looking for in a flash when you filter your plans by version sets and tags
  • New Current Set View - ensure your team is always working with the most up-to-date revisions
  • Compare Revisions - overlay new revisions on previous ones to quickly see what’s been changed

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