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Data Exchange

Data Exchange provides data center management services with offices in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

Freewheeling cloud services that “bill only what you need” usually wind up costing a fortune or have incredibly complicated invoking and licensing models. The thing that surprised us the most was that UDA was able to host and provide their solution at a fixed cost that was actually low enough to accept especially when compared to trying to do it yourself – and the stability of the service has also been fantastic even with where we started as likely one of the first companies to take advantage of UDA’s hosted system before it was released to public. I have always been impressed with the support and software from UDA, and they managed to execute this addition to their products just as well as everything else they’ve done.

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I wanted to say that UDA Cloud Services + AWS is great... It is extremely fast, much faster than VMWare or Parallels.

— Howell from Clarksville, TN

VERY happy with it so far. Will be canceling Cloud9 tomorrow.

— Patti from Charleston, SC

The stability of the service has been fantastic.

— Tim Desmond from Sydney, Australia

Saves Us Time and Money

— Melda from Dallas, Texas

Everyone is talking about how FAST the server is.

— Patti from Charleston, SC

Having all documents, processes and communication in ONE place. I think UDA has thought it through and believe it's a great tool for my company. I also think having it as a resource for our clients will give us an edge in the industry.

— Chad McCutchen, Home Innovations



One of the leading specialists for trenchless pipe bursting services of both water and sewer lines in the North Texas area.

We started using ConstructionOnline™ and then ConstructionSuite™ about 6 months ago and so far we are extremely impressed with the efficiencies and cost savings the software has allowed us to realize. We already see a huge improvement in the interaction amongst all business units (field crews, project managers, office) with the changes we implemented. We can't wait to completely embrace CS as a platform for our business as we see a positive impact to our bottom line. The initial decision to choose this software was not an easy one. Being a specialty contractor, we had our doubts that it would allow us to do what we need, since most of the marketing/training/examples are based on residential construction.

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ConstructionSuite™ estimating allows us to break down costs into as much or as little detail as we need, and communicate with QuickBooks to track actual cost vs. estimated costs at whatever level of detail we need…. This has been a game changer for us and has cut estimating time down by at least half…. If you've tried job costing in QuickBooks, I've felt your pain and I'm here to say there's a better way.

— Michael, New World Contracting

Estimates, change orders, and proposals are prepared using UDA and saves hours every day on average.

— Ben Corlett, Interior Demolition, Inc.

With the UDA app, clients can view the status of their project at any time. This has greatly reduced the time we used to spend on phone calls and has also provided a way to let our clients be more directly involved with their project.

— Manny, Integrity Custom Builders


Moliar Group

A Full Service General Contractor specializing in commercial and residential construction.

At Moliar, we are committed to the highest standards of performance, quality, safety and strictly adhering to timelines, which is why we swear by ConstructionOnline™ Commercial. We recognize that each project we complete contributes to the quality of life in our community, so we make the integrity of our workmanship and our relationship with clients our highest priority.

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We are gaining work all over the nation (at profit margins that are sizable) and we are doing this with minimal staff overhead, push of the button speed and we are able to watch the projects on our desktops, as our team puts these projects together.

— Jon Erickson, President, Haida Management Services, LLC

All items I need are in one program. I can set up, track, estimate, bid and pay all from here. It's like having an assistant in itself. The customer service is TOP NOTCH! Get the best customer service plan you can.

— Donnie Culver, RLM/LD Contractors

Buy the product, it truly has increased my bottom line. This estimating tool is way above any expectations I had for an estimating program. This is truth. You never know if you’re leaving money on the table until someone or a product like ConstructionSuite™, shows you that you are. Hands down this is not only paying for itself, it is paying for itself 10 fold.

— Phillip, Lambert Builders Inc.

It handles all of the rigors of owning and running a General Contracting Company! It is like having several more employees with just a few clicks of the mouse.

— Philip, Sloan General Contracting Corporation

UDA software and employees are the BEST! Seamless integration between the office and staff in the field. With punch lists, it's easy to check on the daily progress of our crews to keep them on time and on budget. The absolute best QuickBooks integration. We have several products that interact with our QuickBooks accounting software but none works as seamlessly as ConstructionSuite.

— Jim, Home Climates

This software has been a huge help to our business with keeping up on job costing and paperwork. The customer service available when you call is great!

— Rebeca, Atlantic Building Company


Gayler Design Build

Gayler Design Build is an unrivaled, award-winning design build firm with 20 national and regional design awards.

Their hands-on approach puts client relations at the forefront of the business, and Gayler goes to great lengths to cultivate and deliver an incredible customer experience. Utilizing UDA's ConstructionOnline™ software sets Gayler apart from the competition when it comes to customer service.

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The magic of QuickBooks Integration - makes my job so simple. Has everything I need to get my job done!

— Greg Hardwick, President, Hardwick General Contracting

UDA is a one stop shop for all my project management needs. I use UDA and Microsoft Outlook as my main two software tools on a daily basis.

— Robert Broome, Allstates Building Systems

ConstructionOnline™ has allowed our project managers direct control over scheduling which has had a huge and positive impact on the production department. Change orders are sent and received at a click of a button and the job log feature keeps my finger on the pulse of every project.

— Chris Schellenberg, Peak Improvements Ltd

Been a user for over ten years now. With all the new features, I don't need to look anywhere else. The online scheduling and GamePlan™ features allow me to do more with less people.

— Kevin Wiegmann, Winchester Homes


Saturn Power, Inc.

Works with organizations that are ready to embrace natural energy solutions with wind and solar power developments.

Looking at how far Saturn Power has come since their original goal ten years ago, Doug is proud of the growth and sustained success the company has achieved through the use of ConstructionOnline™ . Currently Saturn Power’s portfolio is a combination of over 70 MW of Wind, Solar, and Energy Storage.

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We started using this software as a company over a year ago. As a remodeling company, it was one of the best investments we've made! Our communication process has become more streamlined and everyone in the company knows where any files, photos, docs are located now. It saves phone calls from the field to the office personnel and makes everyone's day a little more “hassle free.” The first year was a learning curve, but now it's become an essential that we couldn't do without. They're also continuing to update the software apps to make them more user-friendly.

— Mahlon, Integrity Custom Builders

Love using this product for client, sub, and vendor communication with our staff. It is great to know that all items are up to date for all involved in the project.

— Mark, Mauck Construction & Renovations

ConstructionOnline™ has greatly improved our communication among all team players: Customers, Architects and Vendors. Also the Change Order process is quick and efficient; Customer Service is always excellent. Quick response from friendly staff members who really know the product.

— Kenneth Prusik, Kendall Builders LLC