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cR Design + Construction needed a way to differentiate from the competition as their proposals blended in with the crowd, leading to lost leads. Internally, payment management and job costing was a laborious process that consumed ten or more hours of valuable time per week - Due to the nature of double-entry, mistakes were unavoidable and led to even more time spent in the office.


ConstructionSuite’s customizable proposals are directly linked to the estimate, allowing Caven to craft an attractive, comprehensive, and job-winning client package repeatedly. QuickBooks integration found in ConstructionSuite eliminated double-entry, shaving hours from the financial team's weekly work flow and increased profits by contributing current estimate vs. actual data.

Design + Construction

Caven Raco founded cR Design + Construction in 2005 with the help of his wife and lead estimator Alicia. The company served as an outlet to combine the architectural skills he gained from the University of Las Vegas and his interest in custom residential home-building. Although Caven enjoyed his time in Nevada, the Hawiian native decided to take his interest in construction to his home island of Kauai, a tropical paradise renowned for its legendary landscapes and rich history. For travelers this island is a relaxing oasis, but for the construction firms that call the island home, Kauai is a particularly competitive building region.

Caven entered the market using proposals from his former work in the United States mainland, along with handwritten notes, Excel spreadsheets, and e-mail correspondence, only to find he wasn’t winning as many jobs as he expected. In Caven’s own words, “We missed everything in the sky - We missed the highs and lows of everything.”

cR_2After investigating more on the nature of business on one of Hawaii’s smallest islands, Caven learned that it pays (literally) to stand out from the competition. This knowledge led Caven on a search to find software that would enable him to design professional and unique proposals he could consistently use to present estimates to clients. During his search, he discovered ConstructionSuite, an award-winning desktop-based toolset that provided a solution to his most pressing need, and offered unexpected relief from tasks in his workflow that were becoming difficult to manage.

Once cR Design + Construction implemented ConstructionSuite, they found their project management experience transformed. With customizable proposal templates linked directly to a project’s estimate, the team was able to transform a job’s budget into an impressive client package in minutes. The benefits of having a centralized database and software throughout the office extends to managing client and employee expectations: By having information about estimated time of arrival for supplies, it was easier to communicate a job’s schedule both to the client and to the internal construction teams, allowing the job to move forward at a steady pace without surprises.

On the financial front, ConstructionSuite has transformed Alicia’s work experience since its introduction into cR’s offices - at her fingertips are the tools necessary to create project estimates, send items and their costs and quantities to QuickBooks with the click of a button, then receive payment and record actuals against the estimated amounts. Once this information is recorded, Alicia is able to create a report in seconds to compare her estimated costs to her actual costs, providing valuable insight for future bids.

Before ConstructionSuite, Alicia used Excel to create applications for payment entirely from scratch - “If you’re one penny off, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.” Since implementing ConstructionSuite, creating G702s and G703s has reduced their workflow by hours, condensing payment management into a thirty minute process - Now Caven and his team can take off early for a little afternoon family time, or ohana in traditional Hawiian.


cR Design + Construction’s industry-leading quality on a variety of projects, including a $3.5 million contract to design and build the Aloha Kia Dealership on Kauai, provided Caven the opportunity to join a Builder 20 Club. These clubs consist of non-competing builders from around the United States that meet throughout the year. During their meetings, these builders share and compare financials while discussing best practices for increasing profits and improving their performance. When it’s Caven’s turn to speak, he’s the first to share his prized gem for success: ConstructionSuite.

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