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Core Contracting’s sytems were not designed to manage a large amount of projects simultaneously: Estimating in Excel resulted in a big and cumbersome workbook, while converting a job’s budget into a proposal required a monotonous series of copy and pastes from Excel to Word. Keeping clients happy and projects moving forward required numerous phone calls and meetings per week, while punch list management was disorganized and reactive at best. When multiplied by their growing amount of jobs, the team’s workload was unsustainable.


ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline provided Core Contracting a centralized system that automated many of their manual tasks: Estimators create individual budgets for each project, then client proposals are generated from that estimate in seconds. ConstructionOnline is cloud-based, serving as an easily accessible hub for budgets, change orders, and punch lists alongside ClientLink Portals where clients access project information at any time. Together, these tools brand Core Contracting as a professional and organized builder while freeing up time to focus on the most important task at hand: exceeding client expectations from day one.

Humble Beginnings

Chris WalshMeet Chris Walsh, the founder of Core Contracting. This friendly man grew up in a small fishing village in Newfoundland, Canada. According to Chris, most families in rural Canada were either fishermen or carpenters. Luckily for Chris, he was born, hammer in hand, to a family of talented carpenters. He spent his childhood and teenage years collaborating with his dad on a variety of construction projects which solidified the core tenets of integrity and quality that Chris has carried with him to this day.

When he first ventured into the industry, Chris found himself building one home at a time which he sold at completion - Rinse and repeat. He used a combination of desktop applications to manage these projects, including Excel to create estimates. In a given workbook, each tab represented a different job. This method performed well when building one or two jobs in a given time frame, but as his reputation increased and more projects came into the pipeline, his Excel workbooks became big, cumbersome, and difficult to use.

For schedules, he utilized MS Project which provided a road map for a job’s tasks, but failed to offer transparent information to the client. Instead, schedules were a silo of information only visible to internal company employees. If a client questioned a particular piece of the job such as the date for material delivery or updates on the expected completion date, a meeting or phone call was necessary. With multiple houses simultaneously underway, this could result in five or more extra meetings for Core Contracting per week on top of any time to be spent at the jobsite, cutting into precious time that could be spent on managing incoming leads or existing projects.

While numerous meetings were expected when starting out, Chris knew he needed a more accessible and robust system to manage multiple projects and client interactions. Since implementing ConstructionOnline and ConstructionSuite in 2015, Core Contracting has grown from a small residential builder handling twenty projects per year to one of Canada’s most reputable elite home builders with five specialities, managing over fifty projects during a calendar year, totaling more than $8 million dollars in annual revenue.


Chris needed to overcome a few daunting challenges during the planning and production stages of a new home. First his son, who is one of the primary estimators for Core Contracting, lives a six hour plane ride away from Newfoundland; He and Chris would correspond constantly via e-mail or telephone to keep each other in the loop on changes to the pricing structure for the job. With ConstructionOnline, the need for phone calls is eliminated as the estimate, along with change orders and selections, are accessible by every member of the team on-demand. ‘It’s there in a collaborative way and removes any misunderstandings and sets expectations for my employees and the clients - ConstructionOnline removes the ambiguity of verbal agreements and the necessity for constant contact.’

ConstructionOnline has also revamped Punch List management for Core Contracting. In Chris’s own words, ‘Companies like us are great at building houses, but those five punch list items at the end of the project could take us months.’ At the conclusion of a project, Chris would call clients weekly to see which items were outstanding, followed by an internal email to the team without specific parameters for managing the list. The following week, Chris would repeat the process, so on and so forth until the punch list items were completed. With ConstructionOnline, Punch Lists are live on each project and tells everyone in the company in real time which items are outstanding - there’s no reaching out. ‘With ConstructionOnline, punch list management is proactive instead of reactive. Now we’re able to go to the client with knowledge and look prepared and professional.’

The Future is Bright

Moving forward, Chris and his team are eagerly anticipating beginning work on a local development in Newfoundland - With 5000 lots awaiting the construction of high-end residences, he and five other reputable builders are guaranteed at least twenty years of steady work. With the power of ConstructionOnline and ConstructionSuite, and the power of his collaboration with UDA Technologies, Chris is destined to succeed.

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