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Verve Electric used three spreadsheets, each an independent silo of information, to manage clients, estimates, and invoices alongside a basic online calendar to share project information when away from the office. Finding a client, their associated projects and files, and then communicating detailed information from office to jobsite was difficult, time-consuming, and limited.


The unified database provided by ConstructionSuite enables Verve Electric to quickly search across their projects. They can now easily find estimates and invoices for any given client, improving their processing speed and streamlining their workflow for both new jobs and numerous repeat customers. Integration with ConstructionOnline’s powerful Mobile App made it possible for Nathan to easily view the same centralized data set in the field, making it possible to open a project’s estimate and files away from the office.

Success Inspires a Need for Unified Tools

Nathan Parsons began his budding electrical career in 2002, and shortly after entering the trade, defined his aspiration to become the trusted resource for Canada’s residential electrical needs. After fourteen years of developing his expertise in the industry, Nathan founded Verve Electric in 2015 in collaboration with his wife Holly, who serves as the Office Manager and is responsible for scheduling jobs and projects in addition to handling any and all client inquiries.

As Verve Electric continued to create success, their expertise evolved and expanded to include larger commercial projects as well as innovative, sustainable technologies including electric vehicle charging installations and smart home configurations through the use of smart thermostats and energy-efficient lighting - Word of Verve Electric’s quality work and friendly demeanor quickly spread throughout Ontario, leading to an influx of interest resulting in up to eight clients per day.

Before discovering UDA Technologies in 2016, Holly utilized three separate spreadsheets to manage Verve Electric internally. The spreadsheets excelled at their individual purposes: tracking incoming projects and existing customers, managing estimates, and storing invoices, but were disconnected and cumbersome. Cross-referencing the data was time-consuming, and occasionally resulted in duplicate clients or the inability to find a customer.

After research into solutions available for the construction industry, Nathan and Holly knew ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline would support their professional growth while simultaneously alleviating their daily frustrations and growing pains - In Holly’s own words:


With ConstructionSuite, calls from legacy clients are eagerly anticipated as Holly is equipped to quickly search the unified database to find not only the client, but their current and previous projects, along with the estimates invoices for those jobs - all with one search! ConstructionSuite provides an ease of access that was not available in their original management system: “You can pull up a client you worked with four years ago and they are just there.” Holly also utilizes OnCost, ConstructionSuite’s powerful estimating tool, to determine the cost of a project - Once estimating is complete, She is able to then transform the raw data into a professional and concise proposal using proposal templates that are pre-built into ConstructionSuite.

In the field and on job sites, Nathan uses ConstructionOnline’s Mobile Application on a daily basis to conveniently view estimates, a given project’s proposal generated by Holly, and any approved permits to quickly identify the inspector for the job at hand - With limited information able to be shared using their former online calendar, Nathan was left questioning if the amount listed on the estimate was pre-tax or post-tax - With ConstructionOnline, all ambiguity is settled, and Nathan can view the full-build in the field using his phone. “Nathan really likes the app, if it wasn’t for it (the app), he would be helpless.”

Holly and Nathan also subscribe to UDA’s Award-Winning TotalCare Support Team which Holly praised highly: “The UDA Support Team is really helpful! One time I opened ConstructionSuite and the program requested a password which I didn’t quite remember.That moment was when I realized just how dependent I am on the software - I just cannot function without it.”

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