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UDA Technologies is a leading provider of construction technologies, software, application development, and architectural services for construction professionals in the United States, Canada, and 75 countries worldwide. Headquartered in the thriving university community of Auburn, Alabama, approximately an hour from Atlanta, Georgia, UDA maintains close ties with Auburn University's Engineering, Information Technologies, and Architectural resources that rank in the Top 25, enabling UDA to build a staff of professionals that truly understand construction technologies.

The Power of Innovation

It's said that success happens when preparation meets opportunity, and for us this holds true. In the 1990s, industry specific project management software was almost nonexistent, and the software that did exist was overpriced and underwhelming. With a decade of experience in the multi-family, commercial and custom residential markets, founder Michael Stevens became frustrated with the lack of professional software available to the construction industry.

Quick Facts about
UDA Technologies

  • Expanding Client Base of over 500,000 Users Worldwide
  • Double-Digit, Industry-Leading Growth Rates
  • 2015, 2016 & 2017 Top Product Awards for ConstructionOnline™ and ConstructionSuite™
  • 22 Product Awards Over the Last 8 Years
  • Profitable Every Year Since Inception
  • Products Distributed across the United States, Canada, and 75 Countries Worldwide
  • Every Day, UDA Software Manages Over 65 Billion Dollars of Construction
  • UDA Websites Receive over 4.2 Million Hits Per Month
  • Five Star Reviews on

Real World Construction Professionals

With growing marketshare and revenues, UDA Technologies continues to increase the size, skill, and scope of the organization to stay at the forefront of the technological curve. In addition to highly skilled software developers, computer engineers, and database administrators, UDA Technologies employs a wide range of construction professionals including Builders, Designers, Architects, Engineers, Accountants, and licensed Contractors. Much of the company's success can be attributed to the interactive coordination of these distinct disciplines and to our ongoing commitment to provide superior solutions for all UDA clients.

UDA Core Philosophy

Since first releasing software in 1999, UDA Technologies has continued to update and improve its offerings, but the primary objectives of the company have remained the same - to lower the cost of construction for its clients by providing best-of-class products for project and contact management. To achieve these goals, associates at UDA dedicate their time to listening to and incorporating feedback from the tens of thousands of UDA clients. These foundational principles enable UDA to build upon its innovative edge while ensuring that new products and features meet the ever-growing needs of industry professionals, delivering a long-term solution rather than a short-term fix.

UDA Customer Assistance

On call Monday through Friday, from 9-7 ET to serve your needs, the UDA Customer Assistance Center (1-800-700-8321) can help answer questions about ConstructionSuite and other products or services from UDA Technologies.