Finally, Lead Tracking Designed for Construction

One of the most critical components of project success is a healthy supply of potential clients. ConstructionOnline Lead Tracking will help you pump up your pipeline with:

  • Lead Capturing - Import Lead info directly from your website into ConstructionOnline.
  • Lead Pipeline - Filter your Leads by Stage, Status, Source and much more with the Lead Pipeline.
  • Lead Calendar - Ensure no callbacks or meetings are missed with the powerful Lead Calendar.
  • Call Logging - Easily log call history, notes, and related documents for quick reference.
Easily track your leads' progress through the Lead Pipeline
Share your Leads list with anyone by exporting to Excel

Always Be Closing.

The key to successful sales is to keep leads moving forward. ConstructionOnline Lead Tracking provides valuable information such as pipeline stages, lead quality, and callback dates, putting a true lead management system into your hands.


Filter Your Leads

Get a clear picture of your sales pipeline with powerful filtering options. Choose to view your leads by Stage, Source, Sales Rep and more.


Create Custom Lead Stages

Like to do things your own way? Now you can track your leads any way you want with fully customizable Lead Stages.


Keep in Touch with Lead Events

One of the most important aspects of Lead Tracking is staying in touch. Ensure you don't miss any callbacks with easy Lead Event creation.